Kelly Searle

Writer, Teacher, Speaker, Riverhouse Retreats

I help ladies that lead create lives that they love!

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Truth Benders

Tired of "playing the game" and being exhausted? 

Watch what you say, watch who you say it to, don't say too much, don't say too little. 

The Find your Truth program focuses on Lessons 1-5 in Kelly's Book: The Naked Executive. Topics include:

  1. Get naked with yourself first
  2. Get naked in safe spaces
  3. Ease into getting naked
  4. Can't make others get naked
  5. Everything feels better naked

Ready to create a life you love?


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Seasoned Spinners


You're living the American dream...and it sucks.

You know how to say it, who to say it to and it's still exhausting to be at the top of the ladder and bottom of the list.

The Live your Truth program focuses on Lessons 6-10 in Kelly's Book: The Naked Executive. Topics include:

  1. Stay awake and aware
  2. Naked info not to be shared
  3. Everybody wants to get naked
  4. Never pass up opportunities
  5. Getting naked is the easy part


Ready to create a life you love? 

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Courageous Companies

Struggling with any of the following:

  1. Leaders that put numbers on the board but leave dead bodies in their wake?
  2. Leaders that don't do things "wrong" but for some reason you just can't get them to the next level?

I help courageous companies create a culture of truth. We build  leaders your head and heart can agree upon.

Let's discuss the Freestyle Program which allows for a combination of executive mentorship, 1:1 coaching, Leadership program sponsorship, workshops and keynotes that engage and sustain your greatest assets.

                 Ready to create a life you love?

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Aren't you tired of trying to "be" the "thing"?

It's exhausting to always feel you are "on" and a heavy burden to think others don't know the real you. 

They can't know the real you until you do. 

Think change is hard?

I'll show you it doesn't have to be!

Learn to create your own personal practice that works with who you are, not as something that you think you should be.

Shoulding yourself hasn’t worked so far, let’s take that out of the toolbox first.

Leave me your details below to jumpstart your journey to naked with a preview of how 10 simple lessons can change your life forever!

Nice to meet you!

I'm Kelly, speaker, teacher, kinda a preacher. Corporate executive and closet writer, I teach people how to tell the truth. With grace and compassion, I expose myself to others so they feel safe revealing their truths as well.   Life is beautifully ugly and the human experience is what connections us.

I  help women find their "I am" creating lives they love then do it on purpose. 

The goal of life is not to feel happy, it's to feel everything. 


My Story

You don't have to spend your life "making" yourself do "the" things.   It's exhausting!


The get naked course highlights the souvenirs I wish I had access to to create a life that I loved 10 years sooner!  

Join me in a safe space to "get naked".

Accelerate your personal practice toward a life that you love...get naked.

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Want to hear me tell the truth about how I feel?


What's on my mind?

What's on my heart?

What's moving my body?

Want to know more about


What's on my mind?

What's on my heart?

What's moving my body?

You won't want to miss any of my dirty truths- they are much better than the pretty lies I used to tell myself. 

Grab the 10 Lessons I learned about getting naked to jump start your truth journey today.